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Family Therapy Montreal

In our family, we learn how to feel about ourselves and how to feel about important others; can we trust that others will care about our feelings or not? We learn how to think about feelings and how to express them. We learn whether or not it is acceptable to openly express hopes and fears, anger and sadness. This emotional schooling operates not only through the things that parents say and do directly, but also in the models they offer for handling their own feelings.

As families evolve and are confronted by stresses from a variety of sources, families are challenged to respond to these stressors while remaining flexible and supportive to its members. This is at times a very difficult feat, and family therapy is often helpful in opening up new ways of coping with difficult situations and/or in resolving negative interactions or behaviors. This intervention technique focuses on the group and the impact of a difficulty on the family rather than solely the individual. It is not interested in blaming but rather on exploring and enhancing the family's capacity to open new avenues of communication and to improve relationships. Family therapy uses the unique strengths and resources of the family to address individual's difficulties.

In my practice, I chose to see families together for the first session or two and then may ask to see individuals, or the parenting team alone to complete the assessment. Treatment may involve either family sessions or individual sessions or a combination of these depending on the goals of the therapy. My philosophy is that therapy is a collaborative process between each individual in a family, and the therapist. Each person's perspective is valuable and respected, as are the goals and needs of each family member..